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Having Just 2 Eyes: The Sad Tale of My Broken Specs

They say I used to turn my head and stare at the TV screen when the jingle for the Samachar in Doordarshan used to play: at the age of 6months. And when one fine day in the summer vacation, just as I had entered school, my bespectacled cousins got all ready for their bi-monthly trip to the oculist (with the usual snobbish aura) the little me jumped onto the auto too: just for the sake of a trip with the elder duo. And lo & behold, the specs I had to put on later were of a higher power than any of my afore-mentioned cousins.
Thus began my journey with the additional 2 eyes. I still remember the light pink color rounded frames I wore that covered half my face & the itchy shoelace type thingies dangling by the rims that came with it. Thankfully before Shaktimaan entered into the scene the shoelaces were off.
There are many incidents related to my beloved specs, specially in school days. There was this time when the class monitor won’t let me enter the classroom as she claimed I be…

Deciphering English

‘English is a funny language’-I have heard this term numerous times, most often by sarcastic staunch Hindi speakers and also sometimes by English teachers who say it in a very indulging kind of way, like a fond mother taking about her naughty kid. Nevertheless I agree with it. It is indeed a funny language, but with a charm of its own. Capricious & unpredictable, it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth if you aren’t careful.

Going by the example of why ‘but’ & ‘put’ are never pronounced the same way, there are many other discrepancies when it comes to this language. The use of the extra ‘u’ in British English (colour/color) which MSWord ruthlessly underlines in red & the war between ‘z’ & ’s’(organization/organisation), are some examples. But what I wonder is why inspite of being perhaps the largest community of English speaking people, our version of the language is often looked down upon? An African might have fun with the language rapping away to his delight, eating …

Secret Crush: XYZ (Part 1)

This is the first post regarding events in my new college. Welcome KIIT to my Wandering Thoughts!Day 1:
Enter premises, 30minutes before scheduled class time. Correction, enter deserted premises.
Watchman gives concerned, pitiable looks, takes me to watchman no.2 who then escorts me to watchman no.3 on 2nd floor who guides me to my empty classroom.
My to-be first friend in KIIT enters class. After initial female sizing up process, we smile & start chatting in under 30 seconds.
10minutes before class is to start there is a rush as if a horde of buffaloes have been let loose. I can feel the floor shaking. Enter the guys.
Again watchman no.2 makes a reappearance and escorts us to section B classroom, that’s now ¾ filled with guys staring wide-eyed at us girls.
First friend trots off to the seat right before the teacher’s desk in the middle column. Ist bench. I sigh, curse inwardly & bid goodbye to my Back Benchers Association
Rest of the day spent trying to stifle yaws and hold…