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The Weirdest Day of My Life!

My life is full of disastrous days yes, days when I have woken up on the wrong side of bed & landed almost in front of a car 2 hours later or had the strap of a very vital clothing come off…I could go on but I’m digressing from the topic. Yesterday however was a weird day.. it was as if the universe couldn’t decide to screw with me or make me happy! And mind you this is during my exam-week, when any frivolous mischief of Fate would have me wind up insane.
So it was the ADA(analysis & design of algorithms) paper-(interestingly the word ada roughly implies ‘style’ in Hindi & ‘lazing around’ in my mother tongue Odia, what a misnomer I say). I was busy all morning cursing the guy who thought-“ooh just the algorithms aren’t fun enough lets actually measure how complex they are!” I landed at the empty exam hall 15min before time having given up doing the last-minute look-up in the corridors since Std.12th… I found those topics never appeared in the questions but rather messed up …

I'm Not Twenty Four...

I’d been intrigued by the title when I’d first seen the book on one of my regular trips to the Oxford store. What had amused me was that author Sachin Garg was obviously a male & the title of the novel was something you’d expect a female to say. Well, this happens to be the story of a girl written down by a guy-in an uncanny resemblance to a Chetan Bhagat setting. But trust me guys the similarity ends there! This had been on my will-read list & I finally got lucky ‘coz of BlogAdda.
A chic Delhite MBA grad with stars in her eyes lands up in a tongue-twister town of Karnataka. Reason? Her parents named her ‘Saumya’-a unisexual name that’s misinterpreted to belong to a guy. (All the more reason why parents shouldn’t permanently name their kids without asking them first!) Saumya is flabbergasted as her dreams of dazzling her colleagues with her shapely figure in prim formals are dashed. (Any girl would be if she painstakingly lost weight only to realise no one gave two hoots about …

Don’t Deny Them Children’s Day

Children’s Day…that special day when you were allowed to talk in the class, no “finger on your lips” kind of rules & no class monitor writing your name on the blackboard. When teachers for once had our whole attention & some even managed to make us laugh! No one bunked school on Children’s Day!
The last time I celebrated Children’s Day was like 5-6 years back. Teachers of St. Joseph’s Girls’ High School celebrated this day with as much enthusiasm as we kids did on Teacher’s Day. There were no classes in the first half with the teachers performing for us. Song & dance and in some cases mimicry were performed & I should say our teachers were a pretty talented lot! Chocolates were of course a must & no one scolded if you sat through the second half in class with one in your mouth. Every teacher, even the strictest ones who entered the class would tell us a story or make us play games.
As we reached the higher classes we started appreciating these respites from everyday…