An Untold Story

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Oh yeah…c’mon…” he grunted again. Sweat glistening on his bare back making it almost shine in the harsh summer sunlight. The room had no curtains & let the sun stream in. She observed the dust particles twinkling in that ray of light which softly touched his shoulders. She could see the muscles on his arms harden, his biceps bulging out invitingly. She touched them softly & murmured “go slow...” He looked deep into her eyes “Don’t worry I will...” his voice was husky, almost breathless & she loved the music in it. She looked on as he moved, rhythmically, every movement of his, every soft grunt making her more aware of herself, of her desires.

There, almost done…you do know how to operate that cylinder right? Anything else you need, just knock on my door…” Sahil, her new neighbour smiled as he left her apartment. She’d moved in yesterday & had no gas connection yet. Being a Samaritan, Sahil had immediately offered his spare one & managed to roll it all the way from his kitchen to hers.

She looked at his door & sighed. Her fantasy, she hoped would not just remain an untold story.

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ARJUN MS said…
Very well written,loved it.

xyzandme said…
I didn't get it =(
Rinaya said…
@Xyz: yahan nahi.. akele me :P
AYUSHI... said…
O my goodness..that was.....I even don't have words.. the suspense was awesome... :)))))) or haan agar "xyzandme" ko smajh nahi aaya to mat bigado bachche ko.. wo baad me samjh jayega..
Megha said…
After reading this, I know one thing for sure..I am going to be here again! :) I loved your interpretation of the theme and the short and crisp story as well..Very beautifully written and the story evokes curiosity :D
All the Best for BAT 32 :)

Megha :)
Great idea for those Deodorant commercials .... He he he .... Brave lady I must say to take help from a unknown neighbor, that too topless... :)
Prateek said…
I like how you took the story from one level to whole new level. Nonetheless, an untold story it is.
Rinaya said…
Thanks Ayushi & yeah trust me.. xyzandme doesn't need me to do that :P
Thanks Meghna & I'd always be there to welcome you back :)
Thanks Amit, maybe I should copyright this eh? :P
Thanks Prateek :)
Ash Sharma said…
Last two lines tells the whole story. Nice work :-)
odyzz said…
Looks like my first comment vanished somewhere...
Anyways no problem...

short and crisp story..liked it :)


I really love those people who spread happiness around .. keep spreading .. :)
Deepa said…
LOL. And what were you thinking :) Very nicely done! Cute twist! Romantic fantasies, sigh! Best wishes for BAT! Added you to my reading list!
The madrasi said…
LOved the way you changed the entire story to different aura altogethr.For the first paragraph, the reader is vey much stuck up with the words and has this flash of images behind in his head anticipating what next,
and then you surprised the reader with the Trolled paragraph, I can see a beginning of a good story in this incomplete story.

ALL the best

Rinaya said…
@Ash thanks for visitng
@odzzy thanks for the encouragement & I sure will spread happiness as long as i can
@Deepa thanks so much! :)
@The Madrasi i left the story's ending to the reader's imagination...:P
Anonymous said…
Very predictable...but still can't stop going 'Hahaha...'
Madhusha said…
hahahahah...loved it! :-D
Karan Shah said…
lovely write...wat an untold fantasy ;)
ATB for BAT :)
Apala Sengupta said…
haaha!! nice! an untold fantasy!
good job!

ATB for BAT! :)
Panchali said…
Wonderful....liked the way you concluded the story :D
Nice work..
Rohan Kachalia said…
Hmm... loved the suspense :)

ATB for BAT!

please do read my entry:
aativas said…
Good narration. However, I get the feeling that the story has ended even before it started!
Wow.. That's was gripping.. Hmm.. Loved it.. Good luck.. :)

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