A Short Mail Story

First things first-Happy New Year to all my readers! This is the first post of 2013 & I like the fact that it's for Blogadda's WOW(Write Over The Weekend)

‘You go home and check your Emails. You read the second mail and freeze…’. 

There it is again!
You keep staring at the screen; the day's frustration making its presence felt. Not everything can be made sense of. Not every question has an answer. 

And yet...my mind cries out
Why the hell do I get mails saying "Get V**gra at an amazing discount!" ???


Shail Mohan said…
I wish people would get their biology right before they send us mails offering help for non existent organs! ;)
suraj said…
he he ... i keep getting ads to kerala matrimony sites and get free tickets to see cricket matches.. who watches cricket?? :O don't they know sachin retired?? :(
ha ha!!!! that's a nice take!
AYUSHI... said…
Can't stop laughing... Superb Rin :)
Rinaya said…
That's totally right Shail ma'am!
Suraj, you at least get sensible ads...
And thanks Everyone for liking this really short post :)

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