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A Midnight Treasure Hunt

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. The theme for the month is "and then there were none"

It was a classic full moon night. Not the kind that gives vain hope to romantic fools who sigh wistfully out of their windows, but the kind that makes you sink deep into your blanket & recollect unwillingly, all the horror stories you’ve heard or seen. A mist appeared & partly covered the moon, making the night hazy. I removed my specs to clean them only to realize it was another January fog that had descended tonight. My ears almost perked up, hoping to hear a wolf or at least, given the urban area I was living in, a dog howl. A sharp honk of a bike brought me back to my senses. Why was I out on the terrace of my PG post midnight?

It was eerie, moving around, …

Why a Perfect Human is Extinct: A Nonsensical Explanation

This story should begin with “Once upon a time” but then it’s about a time when there was no means of measuring time. And the Gods had just grown bored of roaming around Earth. They had thus decided to create mankind & have some fun watching them play from above. This is about a time when there existed only 2 kinds of people. One was called the Perfects & the other Imperfects.
Now these Perfects were people who never lied, they never desired for anything that belonged to other Perfects or Imperfects. They had the most beautiful bodies & faces that you could imagine. Their voices & their manner were likable  In short, they were Perfect. And the Imperfects, were not as you guessed, just the opposite. They were just people who were not Perfect. Some were pretty but had bad manners. Some were good hearted but couldn't help lying. Some were selfish, some ugly & so on.
And then again, the Perfects & the Imperfects co-existed happily. Each was happy with the land …