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A fair warning to all & sundry. This is going to be a boring post because it is a midnight post wherein I am at my emotional best (without the aid of any –organic compound).
I kinda like this blue
I have lost a lot of my zeal for stuff that would normally excite me to death! I am not even suffering from writer’s block. I get awesome ideas…start penning them & then suddenly lose interest. I find myself meticulously removing nail paint off nails that’d have scared the wits out of my alma mater, St. Joseph’s Head Girl & reapplying some stupid vibrant eye-paining shade again!

I keep updating my WhatsApp profile with selfies during hours of sheer boredom! I opened my laptop after ages (a week to be exact) & that too, the battery had been discharged and I can’t remember how. The only stuff I do now is cook. And that too happens to be something I have to do rather than like doing. I can now successfully tell apart the different kinds of pulses & know better than to confuse coriander powder with jeera powder.

I was so bored that on a whim I went & got a haircut that took 45 minutes & an exasperated stylist to achieve. And though it was aimed at taming my hair & preventing their sacrifice at the altar of Gurgaon’s pollution, my head hasn’t taken too kindly to it & the hairfall has increased as if in rebellion. All I have to wait for now is a strand of white hair before I start doing the ‘bas yehi din dekhna baaki reh gaya tha’ act!

I live from weekend to weekend… counting the days, hours & minutes left for Friday to appear. And then I spend the hallowed days in washing my jeans, sweeping the room, stocking up on groceries & sometimes if my wallet permits, trips to the only alive city nearby-Delhi (Gurgaon is a zombie land). All my relatives keep asking me if am coming for the DP (it stands for Durga Puja a term frequently used in Odisha & PB). Now DP lost it charm the second I heard we get no holidays in the IT industry to celebrate Maa Durga finishing off Mahishasura. They’d rather you finish off automating that damn protocol instead!

Diwali is sure going to be no thrilling affair either. I might just mop the room to mark the festive occasion.

So this was the first real rambling post about my life here in Gurgaon. Reading it, I can safely claim-having a job sucks!


PSR said…
u ned a new job!!
nd blue?? u cn do betr dan dt!! :p

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