Happy Birthday Secret Crush XYZ!

Yes today was his birthday. And what better day to continue my post regarding the mysterious crush of mine, than this?

I had last mentioned (secret-crush-xyz-part-1) about noticing him for the 2nd time in my first class in college but don’t think that he wasn’t on my mind all these days. You bet he was… my head was forever jerking back to catch a glimpse of his handsome profile so much so that it looked like I had one of those terrible ticks shown so often in Bollywood. And he was and is, so blissfully unaware. It took nearly the entire semester to find out his whereabouts and today I can say he’s no longer XYZ to me… though his behaviour if definitely something that has left me scratching my head( & I don’t have lice!)

 It’s the end of my first semester already ( I have exams next Monday :( ) & the total no.of conversations I’ve had with him can be counted on my fingers, just one hand’s. I try to corner him now & then but he slips away trying to act as if no one would notice his burly 6 feet frame( is he 6ft? I dunno, am 5”3 and if am straining my neck looking at you, you’re above 6ft)

Sometimes I catch him looking at me as if he were trying to decide my sanity level. Thank God I know for a fact that he somehow manages to live without an email id and a Facebook/Orkut account, else I’d not be blogging this!

The first time I caught him alone in the lab, I cooked up some excuse to talk to him, asking about the last lab’s programs although the files were neatly written in my record already. He heard me ( had no other choice) asked me how many questions and started looking for them, all this while staring intently at his laptop screen. C’mon I am not Medusa!

And another time it was raining hard, with nearly the entire class absent it wasn’t hard to find him. Standing next to him I just asked how is his revision faring & he started staring at his shoes intently giving them a shy smile while answering. I was reminded of the typical-Indian girls who are supposed to look coy & homely when the prospective-in-laws come visiting. Lucky shoes! :P

I asked my dear BF about these peculiar reactions and being the all-knowing intellectual that he is, he gave the verdict that XYZ is gay. How enlightening!

Well, I have given up hope of receiving sane reactions and responses from guys around me. Its either extremes of negativity or overwhelming positivity. So now I have gone and publicly declared in my Facebook profile that I am committed (and I don’t bite).

Goodbye XYZ...



Anonymous said…
hahahah! damn just hillarious! "lucky shoes!" ... well nice story btw ;)

loved reading this :D
suraj said…
really funny post, nicely written and great sense of humour you got! i am going to wait for your next post just like i waited for hp half blood prince to release...
Rinaya said…
Thanks a ton Candy & Suraj!
well,fact is stranger than fiction & trust me every word of this post actually happened!
And Suraj I may disappoint u,as I've got my semester exams beginning 20th :(
and everyone knows,exams are inversely proportional to all thing creative(except when fabricating answers to difficult questions)
Anonymous said…
aah damn!! best of luck for ur exams..!!

will be waiting for the next post too! ;)
subtlescribbler said…
LOL...very well written, so spontaneous and hilarious. good luck for ur xams, and just for the advice- rope in his few friends first and make them UR good frnds and then go abt talking, i think u ll get lucky this time not those shoes :P

Sagar..... said…
hmmmmm nice......

so finally wats da situation now does xyz know ur committed?????

wats his reaction????
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Rinaya said…
@Candy: yeah..exams always play he spoilsport! :(
@Sagar: well,I did mention he's either blissfully unaware of me or worriedly avoiding me :P
@Subtlescribbler:thanks :)
But his friends are widely distributed across the class,I lost track of them :P
@Blogjunta: Thank you so much for dropping & leaving this reminder.I'll of course send in my entry right after this exam.
xyzandme said…
Tread carefully woman...
Mind follows the body and body follows the mind.. In this game of circular chase.. watch out when your heart may step in or step out...And you may wonder what happened!

P.S: Tread carefully.....
Have fun though :p
Rinaya said…
Don't worry yaar.. .I have halted my slow motion walk towards him :P

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