A New Year Resolution List..no honestly,that's what it is!

Beginning New Year with a new year resolutions is a tradition.I break traditions or twist them.So here I am with another guest post by a very deserving blogger.He's a teenager,your average boy-next-door...until you read his blog & find about about his life & other disasters.Here are his ideas for new year resolutions-(Make sure u share yours later! )

With the New Year right around the corner, I couldn’t put off the resolution making
process anymore. It’s like a tradition that is very hard to break. Not that I follow any of them through but still, I fell uneasy to face a New Year without a plan or a modus operandi, every year I make impossible resolutions like

Must study everyday of this year”- yeah right! I made till 10 days in a row during my 10th examination, that’s the longest streak, YET (ya I am hopeful to study harder, I’m keeping that door open)

Should not use swear words (at least not too often)” – can’t help it, I’m hardwired to curse out loud when I’m furious.
And “Must go to class on time”- one of my last year’s failed resolution (in fact I started
missing the whole of the first period after making this resolution!)

So this year I’ve decided to go crazy and yet “realistic” on my New Year’s resolution,it’s kind of a long list:

1. Will watch TV everyday. (just have to watch at least grains and static or some boring
program for a minimum of 5 minutes everyday)

2. Must steal at least 5 packs of chewing gum at the super market.

3. Will dial and annoy a minimum of 10 random stranger (prank calls)

4. Will buy a ticket in a bus beforehand, and when the checker asks for it- run for it,
when he catches me will just give him the ticket. (will run around in circles)

5. Will pretend I don’t know Malayalam and get in a shop to buy some product that
doesn’t exist. (I live in Kerala, hope the Malayalam part makes sense now)

6. Eat during exam (not a typo of cheat, Just sneak in and eat something in the hall)
7. Will keep forgetting a friend’s name for a whole month. (just hope I don’t loose
him/her as a friend)

8. I will talk in manglish for a whole day. (malayalam + English + annoyed people = fun+
mayhem *precipitate)

9. Will eat 100 free chocolates.

10. Will put up my relation status in Facebook as “committed” with my new bike. (will get my baby 10days into the New Year)

11. Will name all my fingers and toes, and give them characters. (also conduct a
christening ceremony *(expenses borne by some unsuspecting poor friend)

12. Will teach my young, naive cousins some stupid dance moves, and get fees for it.
(there’s no better age group than 3-6, love their innocence)

13. Will call a friend at anytime past 2am or 3 am and wish him/her a very pleasant
morning. (the irony in it. Hmm... on second though, I can ask them what they are doing.)

14. Will read more that one good book (I may read more than that, but why take a risk, I
need to accomplish all my resolutions)

15. Will sing a silly song loudly in the middle of a very silent, boring class (then act as if
nothing happened)

16. (This is a hard one) Will change the desktop background picture of the principal’s computer.

17. Will wear a shirt made of news paper and talk in tamil for a whole day *applies only
when I’m spending the entire day at home. (this will drive mom mad)

18. (Another thing to do at home) will turn all the clocks and watches back three hours
and get up early in the morning and wake mom up to make lunch for college. (she will
be shocked to see the sun hasn’t risen yet at 8 in the morning. Damn I’m going to burn
in hell)

19. Use the alt+ ctrl +some direction key on every computer in the computer lab, to turn
the screen upside down. (none of the first year students or our computer sir knows how
that works so its going to be one funny lab session for them)

20. Make sure to think of more than 30 crazy things to do in the year 2012..( hope we
all don’t die in that year, the movie really got me thinking. If the world ends in 2012, I’ll
never get to see world cup Brazil 2014. Hmm tough luck)

That’s all I can think of right now, I can’t wait to face the New Year and make more
mistakes, suffer new embarrassments and make/break new friends.
Happy New Year to all!
-Suraj Justine


Neeha said…
Wish you happy new year..
Anonymous said…
first of all HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

and lol... nice resolutions.>! i dont even have one :( so sad..!! i need to think about it tonight!
I WONDER.... said…
My resolution was to annoy someone....n unfortunately suri is the suitable candidate coz am gonna comment in hindi....."tu nahi sudhrega..."..lol.

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