The Empty Train

Have you heard of the empty train
The one that runs post midnight
When all the town is fast asleep
She merrily bolts under the starry night

I watched her every night
A beauty of a train she was indeed
With a shiny coat of paint on her
She appeared with lightning speed

The platform  long deserted
The lone guard snoring in his sleep
The train politely waited still
She had a timetable to keep

The windows had colourful drapes
And the insides were lit up bright
And sometimes when the moon came up
Her name would appear in plain sight

When the clock struck one every night
She'd appear,never be late
Prompt and eager like an anxious lover
Going on her very first date

I always wondered when a kid                                    
Standing by the window sill
A train as pretty as she was
Why did she run empty still

Mom said that the train must have been
A very mischevious one maybe
So the King of trains banished her
And thus she's forced to run empty

I felt sad for her and vowed to
Someday climb aboard the empty train
And travel far and wide in her, for I'd
many adventurous journeys to gain

Grown up, one day I went up
To the old platform and searched in vain
I guess she must have found a passenger

She was no longer my empty train.
Pic src: photoshopugurus

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Gotham said…
A wonderful read, nicely written about the empty train ��.. reminded me of the movie polar express though not completely similar in every aspect... Keep it rolling, awaiting for more...

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