The Science Of A Bad Day

The good day occurs by some miracle, I believe having a ‘good day’ is a myth anyway. A bad day however requires perfect formulae for its inception. Over the nearly 2 decades I’ve spent polluting this Earth & escaping catastrophes of minimal yet significant impacts..I should know what I’m talking about!
It’s said that the Universe is connected, some sort of extra sensory wireless stuff having to do with mysteries like ‘Karma’ & so-called coincidences. The science of bad luck makes maximum use of this wireless network to fulfill it’s purpose. Mischievous elements like Fate & the negative marks you get as per your Karma add to the composition for your bad luck.

It begins with getting up on the wrong side of the bed. Now that’s the tricky part, the ‘wrongness’ is entirely dependant on another science called Vaastu Shahstra( ancient traditional instructions on where you should pee, where you should eat and where..ah forget it!). So once you have managed to get up on the wrong side, you would notice that either you have ended up using your (or in case of females, the male relatives’) shaving creams for brushing your teeth. My cousin had rather gone ahead & taken a bath with Rin Supreme. But anyway he emerged out cleaner than otherwise so am not sure if I should call it bad luck. Those staying in the metros, will face the additional task of mastering the art of ‘water management albeit risk to hygiene’.

Then of course you will run late for wherever you have to go. And showing higher intellect your pet will decide that enough is enough! your shoes need cleaning & pee on them. Or if it’s a Monday morning, you might realize that the clean clothes are still in the dryer & sadly knotted shirts are not yet in fashion.

On the road, you will notice why India ranks behind China in population. And also how much the Indian economy has developed owing to the automobile industry. You will get ample time to reflect on all this & other topics as you sweat out in the traffic.

If by chance you do manage to get to your office/school/college then do not feel relieved, it doesn’t help, this false sense of security. You will notice your important files missing or in case of kids, the notebook will mysteriously disappear from your desk just before your name is called. In college of course the professor who you thought of as deaf, dumb & blind will show surprising prowess in catching you while you proxy &also while you are halfway through the window.

If you survive the day and make it home by evening, you may find a plethora of guests occupying your house with the manner of the British occupying Indian territory.  And while you sleep you will be entertained by your usual lullaby of mosquitoes’ hums now remixed with snores emanating from the other room. Ok I meant the bedroom, your bedroom, while you sleep on the sofa.

Now just relax & sleep & swear to yourself to consult a Vaastu expert as to which side is the right side of your bed!


Chinmay Kumar said…
Take it easy,
well it is well written,
romuh detimilnu

grab some sleep, u need rest

u hav got Vaastu proble

advice: keep ur head towards south or east when u sleep(i dont say it, vaastu says it)
Rinaya said…
i dont have a compass .. how do i know where is East /South?!!
Chinmay Kumar said…
get up in the morning and search for the sun where it rises from that is east
Rinaya said…
humph! I get up in d noon.. & dnt ask me to stay awake at sunset too *groan!!
Saina said…
now I can't sleep at night! :(

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