Daydreams In The Classroom

Half open eyes still full of last night's sleep,
I barely stay alert till the roll call's done,
And once verified that am physically present
Into my virtual world I take the leap.

The scene around disappears in a haze,
Cacophony dims down to a background buzz,
My pen starts working patterns in the copy,
As I weave in & out of my personal maze.

Will that guy ever realize I have this crush on him?
Should I apologize & speak to her again?
Will Mom advance me cash if I beg?
May be I shouldn't give in to every whim?!

Wouldn't it be nice if I lived in a book?
Some heroine of a "happily ever after" story,
Forget the Prince,I'd rather have a new wardrobe
And a castle and maids and my own cook!

That saree is new,hope she doesn't catch me as I stare,
Oh! Look,she's got matching accessories too,
Wish she could teach with a matching perfection though,
She might be speaking Hebrew for all I care!

There's a hullabaloo,as the teacher is gone.
Don't they make 45min periods any more?
All rise & greet the next teacher,
And I patiently wait as my roll call's done!


Chinmay Kumar said…
nice pic

and these things really happen in the class with different person varying dreams
Saina said…
yes,written from a girl's point of view.

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