No I’m not talking about being another one of those Barbie doll-witless-wannabe-item gal type beauty queens that get produced these days. Remember Mogambo? Well, what if I got the wonder watch with me & thus have the power to turn invisible at will?!
Ms.India at your service people…

Ø    Bhubaneswar gets a new superhero! (Ignore the gender, no one knows me, am invisible remember? ) So what if my knowledge of martial arts is limited to Kung-Fu movies & DOA? I can always sneak in a club & get all the training I want. Then I’ll roam the nights and fight crime. Or better still track down the despicable Maoists. Plus I don’t even have to bother about some fancy costume.
Although I’m yet to decide what excuse to give my Mom if she finds the bed empty one night…

Ø    Power=> Responsibility : So goes the saying. Being invisible would mean I got to be thinking more about the common good. Although I may get tempted to sneak out with stuff from a store, I’ll have to cull that thought & instead tweak the ears of those who are trying to do such a thing! And may be even slap the daylights out of some eve-teasers and the roadside mischief mongers, while am at it.
But that does NOT stop me from hiding in a bookstore all night, reading all I want!

Ø    I-spy: What better spy than an invisible one? I’ll freelance of course. Spy on corrupt officials, on the big goons and the white-collared crooks. And the best part is, I can share the evidence freely with public without bothering about crap like channel TRPs. Just get me a good camera would you?

Ø    A Little Fun: My basic instincts are kicking in & so I won’t hide them any more. Time for fun! What bliss to be able to hit my ex-BFs & watch the stupefied looks on their dumb faces! Scare the daylights outta my friends as I whisper gibberish in their ears, smack them on the head & run. And the ecstasy of revenge on my sis… goes beyond words!
Think  I’m too much violent? Oh well I’m also considering kissing all the handsome guys I meet on the street & have a 5-min crush on.

Ø    The End: Being a good Indian citizen I would eventually realize ( note: after having all the fun I’ve had), that such a remarkable invention should be replicated & thus hand it over to some goody-goody white-haired scientist from BARC/ISRO or wherever they invent stuff, who can actually create more of them to be used for the ‘common good’. Jai Hind! 

 P.S:This post was written as an entry for BLogAdda Being Invisble contest sponsored by Pingroo.


Palak Vasant said…
hehe...had a laugh!! nice one :)
Great fun,witty article...Welcome the Invisible "WOW"-MAN!
Anonymous said…
amazing, political kinda punch on the face as a bleeding criticism...keep writing...
Rinaya said…
well..thank u!
I shud say here "Mogambo khush hua " :D
suraj said…
its brilliant
Rinaya said…
thanx Suraj :)

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