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Why do I blog? Because I can! :)

Well, I joined Blogger in 2007 & posted for the 1st time in 2009. Not because I didn’t have anything to say, but for the lack of internet facility at home. So in 2009 finally I managed to persuade my parents that ‘Internet’ doesn’t only mean meeting strangers online or viewing shitty sites on the sly. (It means Orkut & Facebook!! Big grin :-D)

One fine day I remembered the promise made to myself about maintaining a blog & after the initial struggle with templates & all (am an IT student, shame on me!) I managed to post my 1st feature. Since then I can be seen banging away my poor keyboard with the 2 index fingers & 1 thumb (hey, my speed has increased mind you! I no longer spend 30secs looking for the missing ‘n’)

Initially my parents were happy, at least I wasn’t chatting with God-knows-who’s online. But then the frequency of my sitting before the PC increased. I even dared deny Mom from playing her much loved Solitaire! And my sister was denied her daily dose of masala flicks leading to Mahabharata type scenarios that would rock the entire area. 

Then they started asking me-what do you type so much? Ah! Now you’re talking! I tried describing to them what blogging means, I read out my posts & all I got was-does anyone even read them? 

You blocks, you stones,
You hard-hearts, you cruel….

This week I was lucky enough to win a prize in a blogging contest. ‘Prize…?” all ears perked up. What did you win? You got money? Any certificate? 

The next time our land-line rang, I could hear Mom saying-“yes she won a prize you know? For her blog thing.” Now that was a transformation from-“she is sitting before the PC again, God-knows what she does all day, wish she would study that much sincerely. Blah blah…”

So for the time being I can safely blog without the fear of ‘who reads them’ questions. And it doesn’t matter if they still don’t get what blog actually means or that the winning post bounced off their heads like Maths bounces off mine. As long as they leave me alone, am happy!

I am participating in the WeBlog's Sleepy Sunday contest! You may read other participating posts HERE


Tanay said…
Once again, I really can't help complimenting you on your effortless ability to engross readers into even long posts!
A new template again, I see... a third one in past 2 weeks, right?
And this post was so real... that people thought you were wasting time, and then everyone's talking after you get a recognition! May you win many more such awards :)
Hey....a real good one! I could relate with each and every situation that you mentioned. It's the same case with me too except that I have got no recognition like you, to pacify my parents :P
A very well written one and btw, I like the new header! I guess you like playing with your templates. Good! :)
Jaspreet said…
Such a simple post yet it kept me engrossed till the end!..I totally agree with this,if you show to parents that you're getting something like a prize out of this blogging thing..they'll encourage you for sure , even if you keep surfing the internet the whole day!!
Rinaya said…
@Tanay: thanks! :) Well,this isn't that long is it?? :P
@Sugandha: he he, no worries u will win surely, u write quite well,I love reading ur posts :)
Yes I love playing with my templates, change is the way of life :P
@Jaspreet: well,parents will be parents :P they never believe me when I say anything, got to 'prove' it :P
Raksha Raman said…
Hello Rinaya!

This post is as good as it can get :) There was not a dull moment that made me yawn and there was a smile throughout and a 'I've-been-through-this' feeling :) Simple language,no jargon and an absolutely honest post! :)

Keep typing away and winning more and more accolades! Blogging is sure not an easy thing to do! And if the efforts pay off, nothing like it! :) Cheerios!

PS: Thanks for visiting and being a part of my blogger buddy list :)
Rinaya said…
the pleasure is all mine Raksha! :)
a very nice post.. Good way to say the way you travelled..

I wish you a good luck for WeBlog Sleepy Sunday Contest - I

Saravana Kumar - Last Wish

Yours Frendly,
Saravana Kumar M
Avi said…
Hahaha! Sweet :)

Very honest! Keep writing :)
Good luck!
shail said…
Brought a smile to my face. Yeah winning a prize makes a difference though :P
Purba said…
Nice way to say, leave me alone!!!

But totally related to it, nobody (read that in capitals) understands your cyber obsession.
Sundeep said…
nice post... :)

we all crave for recognition and praise.. don't we?
Sagar..... said…

well very nicely written.. wish even i could use my internet in a productive manner.......

well so now no more MAHABHARATA????
Gaurav said…
hahahahaha nice nice :)

and very well written

win more prizes :D

and dis template is not good change it :)
Rinaya said…
Thank you so much guys! :)
Well Sagar the Mahabharata shall seek other excuses to continue..:P
And Gaurav I am very very partial to black..& moreover I cant change all the 43 posts' font color to match any other template now.. :(
TurbulentMind said…
interesting..and i guess it is the problem in every household :P :P ..all the best with the prizes and everything ;) ;)
Gaurav said…
@ Rinz

arey black is good even my fav color :) but this template is not looking good ur previous one was also black :) i really loved the previous one :) but ya change is good u should changed it but not this :O

well m designer....from the designer point of view i didn like it sorry :(
biplab said…
loved this post :)

nice to hear from and about a part in u of u.. :)

carry on ur wesome work ;)
Tuppence said…
Cute post . How we all survived the blog world!! I have gone through this .
Have fun blogging!
I just loved the last post of yours!!
Hiyaa said…
Effortless and engaging! I like the flow of words and a hint of a smile stayed through the post.
Good luck with the contest!
neer said…
dont kno how.. bt I Start likng Ur posts.... its wrkng for me now....nd I Strongly belev u can write much better thn this.. waitng for..
deepa kashyap said…
loved the way you tried to make this post "a real nice one to read" and cnt stop myself from appreciating you for this .

lovely :)

p.s m also IT student n still sometimes stuck in all those html codes n all :P
n issues :D
all the best for contest :)

Listen to your heart !!
Paul Swendson said…
My wife and kids must sometimes wonder why I am on the computer so much. I better win a prize soon.

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