3 Books That Changed Me

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAddaCan books and stories about characters and events that are not real teach us anything useful?
Are you kidding me????

Stories and novels are our best teachers! Whether you read them yourself or let your grandma read them aloud to you at bedtime, these little fragments of people’s imagination are full of lessons & wisdom. (Of course I mean kids’ stories, not 50 shades of Grey! Which when you come to think of it, is also helpful in a way)
I’ve not been much of a fan of fairy tales myself. I prefer fiction based on reality as compared to fantasy. Even sci-fi is something I rarely read. Yes I like The Hunger Games, Harry Potter & even Twilight series(hear me out!) but that’s because the authors make it so damn realistic-that’s the whole beauty of it!
As for lessons from novels, here’s my personal list of novels that have inspired me at some time or the other:

1.A Gathering Light also known as A Northern Light: Jennifer Donnelly’s young adult fiction was one of the first books that really touched my heart. I was in 8th or 9th when I had read the abridged version of the book. Mathilda with her zeal to be different, her unwillingness to get married & at the same time her helplessness as she found herself falling in love, her disappointment when her fiancé gifts her a book ..of recipes-mirrored the 15yr old me & really made me feel am not alone. This novel taught me, that if you want to be different it’s never going to be easy. You must be prepared to let go of things that you like & muster up all your courage if you really really want something. Not once have I ever given up in life since then. Not once did I feel any despair … no matter what I have to face. And most importantly Mattie & Mrs.Wilcox taught me-if you have to write, you just write.

2. Nothing Lasts Forever: Apart from being an excellent thriller, this novel by Sidney Sheldon talks about the struggles you face when you’re a woman. I know gender inequality & glorifying the female as a sex object is something very common. But the way Sheldon portrays the characters makes you feel their pain & their determination. I learnt not to take anyone for granted because people change, never to trust a guy blindly just because he says he loves me and never to underestimate him either.

3. Dear Father: A rather nondescript book originally written in Assamese by Bhabendranath Saikia & published in English by NBT, it’s quite a sad story. Being a parent isn’t easy. This book just made it more evident to me. A family will always be with you, even if they need to attempt the worst possible methods to hold on to you!

So what book changed you...?


Aniesha said…
I'll admit I've not read any of the books on your list, but I will get to them :) Especially A Northern Light. It sounds really interesting ^_^
Kalyan P said…
Nice reading about your choices and infact the books look a little interesting.

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