Here & There..

No, I am not back yet.It's just a ghost of me returning back from the grave to remind my friends that my exams are going on & so currently I am as good as  dead for all nonacademic purposes.
My creativity has undergone a thorough grueling ordeal & am trying my best to preserve the remnants of it for the examination hall & the closer to home viva-voce.For once I can claim that I wasn't lazy to have have ignored blogging for so long.I have spent my time in designing  web pages,adding text to them in italics,bold,underline & blinking ones too.Writing Java programs to find out factorials etc (no serioulsy WHY??) Tried to mug up my System Analysis & Design (aptly abbreviated SAD) book...AND also mug up the environmental laws enacted by (& never implemented on) by our Govt.(For some mysterious reason we have this Enviromental Studies thing in our course.)
So I have bored you enough I know & before you start really hating me I better wind up my "dukh bhari kahani" .
Looking forward to being wished luck by you..!
I will be back on April20 :)


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