Let There Be Light !

If death were staring me at the face, the least I would be expected to do is .. stare back. I don’t want to die an unsatisfied death guessing which of my nightmares’ villains finally got me.
No, I haven’t seen any horror movies recently (and that includes this millennia) or read any ‘goosebumpy’ book. What I write is strictly courtesy the local municipality. Let me explain…

My room has glass windows that overlook the street lights, so I basically don’t need a night lamp. But one night when my boyfriend was as usual chanting about the supernatural (don’t be impressed, he’s my Bf so my type too) the street light coughed, spluttered & died. My room was enveloped in blinding darkness (I believe the term “blinding light” is a moronic oxymoron). The only thought that my boyfriend might have a cardiac arrest or worse go deaf, kept me from erupting in to an ear-shattering scream that would have shamed the AAHAT ladies (and broken the nearby streetlights as well).
At first it was ok, I really couldn’t see anything. But as my eyes gradually adjusted to the darkness I became aware of them…Those spooky nooks & corners of your room that seem so utterly harmless in the daytime but deadly sinister at night. So the Dr.Jekyll  cum  Mr.Hyde’s of my room decided to have a little fun at my expense.

I have this obsessive compulsive disorder of being masochistic. I’d bravely accompany my friends to the horror movie only to stare at the head of the person ahead of me or concentrate really hard on the sound of someone munching that packet of Kurkure. I’d sit down to watch supernatural serials with my family at dinner and try not to scream by gobbling down more food.
So when I saw them moving I sat up on my bed, bravely used my cell-phone light and focused on that chair trying to find the traces of its earlier occupant (which is not me). I slept again only to realize the other half of the room was where the action was. And so this hide-&-seek went on till I was too tired to give a damn about which monster was positioned where.
This followed the other night and the night after that. But then my good neighbor decided to slog hard for her exams and left her light on till I was gaily snoring. (Bless her!! I’d have sent her a ‘thank you ‘note if I knew her name.)
But her exams won’t be forever and I being an energy conservation enthusiast(and a masochist) can't have a night lamp, I have to sort out my other options.
Plan A: Sleep during the day time & live through the night.
But as Mom dear warns me, the bags under my eyes will make me look more like a ghost.
Plan B: Sleep with my sister.
Apart from the occasional need to look for a room freshener in the middle of the night, I really can’t sleep with a person who sleep-talks organic chemistry & differential calculus!
Plan C: Pretend I am a ghost too next time I see them.
The last time I’d tried to do the villain thing I’d come across like Johnny Lever going Gabbar Singh,
Plan D: (My favourite) Date a vampire who would sing me to sleep.
Hard luck here too, my window has got grills. Too bad vampires turning into bats is a myth!
Plan E: Do you by any chance remember how to write a letter to the municipality?


Chinmay Kumar said…
holy heLL.sAcrED gRaVe.BlackBird
says let there be darkness so that u can hope 4 light
Rinaya said…
Ha Ha.. can u imagine d kinda sleep i had last night after writing this? :(
Ravi said…
TRY PLAN F: Get lots of FIREFLY's in ur room, they can give u plenty of lights, u cant switch them off even if u want to
Rinaya said…
ha ha. nice.. :)
Sagar..... said…
im not sure wat shud i comment in this................

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