Let's Leave It At Strangers

You know that heady feeling...when your eyes meet for the first time? That sudden rush of blood into your cheeks, and the rest of your body turning cold? When it's like firecrackers going off  & you hear yourself wolf-whistling (not really, that thing just happens inside your head..my head). One moment is all it takes to know, that life's not going to be the same again. You know that you are going to come back to that moment again & again, when sitting alone with a book in your hand or when you're watching a movie or when you are chatting with your friend over phone. You know you'd recount each second's detail, when someone will ask you "How'd you guys first meet?" You treasure this moment, play it in slow motion behind the closed lids of your dreamy eyes. May be you'd ask him about it too, if you get a chance. How was it for you..when we first met? And you will wait for the answer hoping that the overwhelming feeling was mutual.

And then you get to live the dreams, well at first. All the Mills & Boons kind of romance (only with someone closer to your age) will not seem exaggerated now. Exchanging looks, holding hands accidentally-intentionally, merely sitting next to him, inhaling the scent of his deo from afar & knowing he's coming this way-you can't seem to get enough of it. All your waking hours will be spent devising ways to get him to notice you. A girl like you who only knew about sunscreens will now shop for the perfect BB cream & the right shade of lipstick. The baggy loose jeans and t-shirts you refused to shed will be replaced by body-hugging tops & curve-accentuating denims. You'd read, you'd learn how to pout..you'd change your friend circle, stay away from guys and you'd transform into the right girl-the girl you imagined him with.

Days pass by, weeks & months later, you finally wake up. 

Now that I'm awake I can't say I don't think of that moment when I met that stranger...irony being he's back to being a stranger. 

But you know...that heady feeling...the rush of hormones awakening from their slumber....and common sense bidding adieu to you...when you meet that perfect stranger..

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Punyaslok Rath said…
very well-written. held my attention till the very end. the descriptions given were very apt and true. kudos :)

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