Lost & Found

So it was your usual friends' day out, 12 hours spent in the humid Delhi weather in September. We were a group of 3 girls & a guy, who'd decided to spend a Sunday exploring the delights  that Delhi had to offer-namely the National Science Centre -wherein much to the chargin of my guy friend, the 'Taramandal' show was restricted to kids only, Connaught Place -where we utilized our smartphones to the maximum trying to locate a decent place to eat & where we all re-established the fact that men can never ask for directions & Hauz Khas village-where my guy friend took it upon himself to peep into every little nook & corner and shriek in delight like a child who's chanced upon a hidden toffee, whenever he discovered a couple nestled in there.

We decided to wrap up the day at the park in the Hauz Khas village. We spent a good 15 min walking around only to spot stray dogs & no sign of any deer or rabbit or whatsoever exotic creatures. I earned the label of a 'ghodi' (female horse) for trotting ahead of others while they dragged their feet around like 80-yr olds. By 6:30 we had given up hope of ever finding anything worth seeing & decided to head to the metro. One of the girls took a bus to her place & the 3 of us entered the Hauz Khas metro station.

When we got in, I saw the Huda City Centre train had just left the station, which meant the next one would be headed to Qutub Minar. So we sat down & continued having our ice-cream. But the next train that arrived, happened to be headed to Huda City Centre. And so we ran like the wind ( people boarding Delhi metros would understand) & got in. Around 10 stations later, I decided to check how much cash I was left with (I'm forever broke). And that's when panic hit, no wallet! I asked my friends, hoping that I'd maybe handed it to them at sometime. I distinctly remembered using it while entering the metro checkpoint. And then another image flashed before my eyes-that of the wallet snuggled close to my bag-outside it, where we'd been sitting while waiting for the metro.

So we all got off at the next station & headed to the control room. The guy there called up Hauz Khas station but no one had reported anything. Frankly I didn't have any hope, I was already enquiring if I needed an FIR to get a duplicate copy of my PAN card. I was at the receiving end of Mom's lecture on being irresponsible when an SMS beeped in- my debit card had been blocked by the bank based on a phone request!

Okay..no thief would do that?!

We headed back to Hauz Khas station hoping to find the person who got it. It was 9 already, we were tired from all the walking & the staff there kept sending us in opposite directions when asked about the control/security room. Dejected & flustered, after paying a penalty of a hundred bucks at M.G road station we got back home.

I logged into FB & as is always the case, put up a status update about the sad ending to an awesome day. I checked my messages & in the 'others' section someone had dropped in a message-they'd found my wallet & wanted my number to contact me!

A few frantic calls, lots of thank-you's & 2 days later I'd my wallet with me!
I was lucky that the people who found it were so genuine & helpful. Also lucky to have great friends who stuck around ,travelled to & fro even after the hectic day we had & even lent me cash for those 2 days, thanks guys!

(Now, please stop asking for a treat)

And thanks to Blog Adda's WOW prompt 'Unexpected Celebration' I got a chance to share this & express my gratitude :)

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Unknown said…
This is the beauty of you ; you can alwyas find a string for being thankful to even the worst of situations and events and ...That is such a grate understanding of nature of happenings , people and your wonself...it's an irresistible trait of your ...keep exploring life ....
Shaivi said…
I hope such things start happening for real in my city!
Ritika Tiwari said…
I left my wallet at Kullu bus stand when I was on vacation.. The guy was so nice, he went through my wallet for any contact number, by chance it had a business card of my old hostel in Indore.. He called them up and urged them to inform and left my wallet at the police station near by for me to collect.. I just wish I could meet him once and thank him for everything :/
Anonymous said…
It's good that this experience ended well for you!

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