Mosquitoe Bites

I write today about a universal topic, that of mosquito bites( oh what an intelligent beginning, as if you can’t read the title.. ! The mosquitoes must have already addled my brain !!)
Love thy neighbor!” The mosquitoes have taken to it literally & quite enthusiastically have taken upon themselves the task of kissing all of humanity thereby uniting us indirectly. They kiss, bite & ultimately kill irrespective of religion, caste, creed or colour. True patriotic citizens adhering to our dear Constitution indeed...! (Are any politicians listening?)
Sometimes when I am on bed and have nothing better to do than contemplate on the ‘what’s & ‘why’s of this World, I think about these creatures almost indulgently (only if the All Out is working). What must have God thought when He created them? Poor creatures, born in pools of stinking water, who have to risk their life each and every moment to survive and ultimately die by electrocution, suffocation or simply by getting clapped on. I almost let out a sigh of sympathy, but for the loud **buzzzzzz** in my ears (All Out died again).
The reason behind their existence could be to reduce the human population on Earth. You might argue that they are other more fierce carnivores out there but that’s just in jungles or sanctuaries. How many man-eaters do you find as readily available as the mosquito? Or may be to teach us that small is powerful? (No, please don’t even think about that ad’s jingle!)
I’d read somewhere that only the female mosquito bites. Guess feminism got a new icon now..? Whatever be the gender & whatever be the reason for their existence, these little fellas are here to stay & so are the bite-marks they so lovingly impart to us.
Here’s an ode to them, (written ignoring the reference to the female gender of course)
My Invisible Lover

Swollen with pride
My skin blushes
As if in remembrance of
Last night’s rendezvous
Leaving that tingling sensation.
And the low hum in my ears
As you whispered sweet nothings into them.
Notwithstanding my futile attempts
To stop this coquetry
You gambol into my room
As sure as the night.
You tease me in the darkness
And flee into the morning sun
Leaving me perturbed
Until I see the tell-tale signs
Your love-bites…
Hope you liked it?! :)


Chinmay Kumar said…
a bit dark in nature
and nice bite

very noble thoughts 2wards mosqitos
Rinaya said…
yeah.. am thinking of being their official spokesperson :P
Sagar..... said…
hmmmm nice poem...

and wer did u get dis pic???
well but not only love they also spread malaria typhoid and even aids now days so the even believe in equality nd da message is if one is ill all shud be ill........

well nice overall......
Saina said…
haha.. official spokesperson?!
debesh said…
very wel said...its v.humourous...
i liked a lot specially da poem.....hmm a guddy one...
n da machhar is made damn romantic n sensual...v.good rinaya....

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