Day in and day out,
Like a predator stalking it's prey
You wait for your chance
Until the crowd melts away...
Stealthily but surely ,
you creep behind my back
And just when I least expect it
You launch in to an attack.

Desperate to escape I run
Sometimes I win, most often I don't
Am left at your mercy then
There for you to haunt...

not by ghosts or visitors from hell,
Shadows of my own past
It's my history they tell.
forcing me to relive
Moments that bring back
Poignant seconds from the past.
You open my wounds again!

Sweet memories now they feel
Like poison tipped arrows
Strange how once they brought joy
and now how it harrows.

One by one I visit them all
With a sense of irreparable loss
things that never again shall be
A pathetic end to all 'poss.

And just as the tears start flowing
Nonchalantly you leave my side
with an unspoken promise to return
In some corner of my mind you hide.

For today is tomorrow's yesterday
No matter how hard I try
To drive 'em away
Fresh memories shall again come to stay
Between then & now .. forever I shall sway!

P.S: I'd written this some 2 yrs back & had forgotten all about it..But today I got a complimentary copy of a kids' magazine (Children's World) that finally published it.. :)
So I thought of sharing it with my friends.. hope you like it!


Chinmay Kumar said…

u got published

and it is a good one for which u will be haunted
Rinaya said…
I don't like being haunted though :(

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