If you would place your hand on
your heart & listen
for once, not just hear.
You'd make out the "yes,I'd love it"
in every "no,let it be dear"

If you see not through the
specs of the world but
through your mind's eye,
You'll know mine shine bright
with tears unshed for wishes
that had to die.

You say, you'll be with me
forever, but a shadow I have
A soulmate's what I had in mind
and not a funtime buddy!

You make tall claims of bringing
me the stars & the moon,
While I pine away on Earth longing
for a flower in full bloom

You love yourself & you love me too
And end up trying to turn me into you
Inspite of what you think,
its not the solution
Step into my shoes & let go
of this notion.

So that when you think
about me you think like me
and know the difference
between your's & mine
And turn our love into something divine!


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