Love On Sale!!

Love's blind
    you've heard it too
For my myopic eyes
    twas as good as true
Puppy love? Dammit
    says who??
I got the real stuff on sale
    just for you!

Love's a sweet
    euphonic crime
Take my heart
    if you need a fine
Million-dollar question
    in one line
Lemme cut the crap
    say will ya be mine?

Mail me a yes
    in a day or two
N' you can win
    early bird prizes too
If it's a no
    you know what to do
Forward the damn thing
    to Candidate No.2 !!


Sankar said…
:) ^__^ wah :P yer own ?:) guddy
Chinmay Kumar said…
hmm, it was funny but mean
Tanay said…
i simply loved this little piece... nice one...
might be mean, but really great for light reading..
Rinaya said…
hey thanQ u all fr reading it..
cheers to puppy love !!
Anonymous said…
Even criticism has got its limit.

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